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L_TERMOFUSE_TITLE Terms of use Podmínky užívání
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L_FAQ_HTML_TITLE Frequently asked questions Často kladené otázky
L_FAQ_HTML_KEYWORDS Questions, answers Otázky, odpovědi
L_FAQ_HTML_DESCRIPTION Frequently asked questions concerning and answers
L_HELP_FAQ <h1>Frequently asked questions</h1>&gt; <a href="/en/faq.html#search">My vehicle does not show up in the search results.</a><br/>&gt; <a href="/en/faq.html#vehicleid">Where do I find the ID of my vehicle?</a><br/>&gt; <a href="/en/faq.html#lpgcng">Can I also track the mileage of my LPG or CNG powered vehicle?</a><br/>&gt; <a href="/en/faq.html#smartphone">Can I use on my smartphone?</a><br/><br/><a name="search"></a><h2>My vehicle does not show up in the search results.</h2>The default value of the minimum kilometer filter is 1500. Probably, you did not enter enought fueling entries yet. Change the value to 0 and your vehicle should be listed in the search result.<br/><a name="vehicleid"></a><h2>Where do I find the ID of my vehicle?</h2>The ID of your vehicle can be found on the mileage icon page.<br/><a name="lpgcng"></a><h2>Can I also track the mileage of my LPG or CNG powered vehicle?</h2>Yes, also supports bi-fueled vehicles. Just select LPG or CNG as fuel type on the vehicle data page. Then, you will be able to enter gasoline as well as LPG or CNG fueling entries.<br/><a name="smartphone"></a><h2>Can I use on my smartphone?</h2> offers a special version optimized for mobile devices located at <a href=""></a>.
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Frequently asked questions
Často kladené otázky
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