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L_BOARDMODS_INTRO We offer modifications and patches for popular message boards. These patches include the mileage icon as an avatar in the user's profile.
L_BOARDMODS_PHPBB <h2>Modifications for phpBB</h2>The board software will be enhanced with the following features after applying the patch:<br/>1. The vehicle id can be entered in the user's profile:<br/><br/><img src="/pics/boardmods/phpbb_en_profil.png" border="0" alt="new user profile"/><br/><br/>2. The mileage icon is shown in threads:<br/><br/><img src="/pics/boardmods/phpbb_en_thread.png" border="0" alt="new avatar"/><br/><br/>Here you can download the required patch-file: <a href="boardmods/spritmonitor_phpbb_mod.txt">spritmonitor_phpbb_mod.txt</a>. A basic installation guide for phpBB-modifications can be found at <a href="" target="_blank">How to install MODs</a>.
L_BOARDMODS_WBB <h2>Modifications for Woltlab Burning Board (WBB)</h2>This modification shows the mileage icon in threads. The vehicle id can be entered in a new textfield in the user's profile.<br/><br/>WBB2: <a href="/boardmods/spritmonitor_wbb2_mod.txt">spritmonitor_wbb2_mod.txt</a><br/>WBB3: <a href="">WBB3 Plugin</a><br/>WBB4: <a href="">WBB4 WCF 2.0</a>
L_BOARDMODS_WBBLITE <h2>Modifications for Woltlab Burning Board Lite (WBBLite)</h2>This modification adds a new input field "Verbrauch". If the user inputs the spritmonitor vehicle id, the mileage is shown in threads and the user profile.<br/><br/>The description of this modification: <a href="/boardmods/WBBLite-Anleitung.txt">WBBLite-Anleitung.txt</a><br/>Author: Shr522 from <a href=""></a>. Support on <a href=""></a>.
L_BOARDMODS_PHORUM <h2>Modification for PHORUM</h2>This modification adds for PHORUM.<br/><br/>Description and patch available <a href=",130539">here</a>.<br/>Author: Oliver Riesen from <a href="">Langzeittest</a>
L_BOARDMODS_FOOT The modifications on this page are only recommendations. does not give support for the board software and does not accept any liability for error or omission.<br/><br/>If you would like to integrate mileage icons in other board systems or if you have written your own patch, please <a href="/en/contact.html">let us know</a>.
L_GARAGE_HTML_META_KEYWORDS mpg, gas mileage, mileage calculator, fuel consumption, mileage, consumption, fuel consumption
L_GARAGE_HTML_META_DESCRIPTION Use, the online gas mileage calculator and database, to determine the fuel consumption of your vehicle and compare it with others.
L_GARAGE_NEWTERMS Note: We have changed our <a href="en/imprint.html#termsofuse">terms of use</a> and <a href="en/privacy.html">data protection statement</a>. <br/>By continuing to use you are agreeing to the new terms.
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