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L_THIRDPARTYLOGIN_HTML_META_KEYWORDS Sign in with Apple/Google Kirjaudu Apple-/Google-tunnuksella
L_THIRDPARTYLOGIN_HTML_META_DESCRIPTION Here you can login to with your Apple/Google account, manage costs and fuelings and analyse it Täällä voit kirjautua Apple-/Google-tilisi avulla, hallita kustannuksia ja tankkauksia sekä analysoida niitä
L_THIRDPARTYLOGIN_ALREADYLOGGEDIN You are already signed up. Olet jo kirjautunut.
L_THIRDPARTYLOGIN_INTRO Here you can sign in to with your Apple-ID or with your Google account. Täällä voit kirjautua Apple-ID:llä tai Google-tilisi avulla.
L_THIRDPARTYLOGIN_APPLE Sign in with Apple Kirjaudu Apple-tunnuksella
L_THIRDPARTYLOGIN_GOOGLE Sign in with Google Kirjaudu Google-tunnuksella
L_THIRDPARTYLOGIN_FOOTER By signing up you agree to our <a href="/en/imprint.html#termsofuse">Terms & Conditions</a> and <a href="/en/privacy.html">Privacy Policy</a>. Rekisteröitymällä hyväksyt <a href="/fi/imprint.html#termsofuse">käyttöehdot</a> ja <a href="/fi/privacy.html">tietosuojakäytännöt</a>.
L_REGISTER_SUCCESS_INTRO Your account was created!<br/> In a few minutes you will receive an email, which contains the password for your account.<br/><br/><strong>Please note:</strong> If your account data did not arrive after a few minutes, please check your spam folder as some providers (e.g., Hotmail) falsely filter our mails as spam.<br/><br/>As soon as you've received the data, you will be able to <a href="en/login.html">log in</a>.
L_CHANGEEMAIL_TITLE Change email address
L_CHANGEEMAIL_INTRO Here, you can change your email address.


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Kirjaudu Google-tunnuksella
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