<h3>Database statistics:</h3>
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L_HOME_NEWPICS_INTRO New vehicle pictures in our database:
L_HOME_NEWS <div style="float:right;padding-left:5px; padding-right:15px; padding-top: 0px;" align="center"><br/><a href="" target="blank"><img src="/pics/apps/playstore_en_new.png" alt="Android app on Google Play" width="150" border="0"/></a><a href=";uo=4" target="itunes_store"><br><img src="/pics/apps/appstore_en.svg" alt="iPhone app on Apple App Store" border="0"/></a><br></div><div class="subtitle"></div><h2 class="fronttitle">Smartphone-App</h2><br/>Use on the road with your Android- or Apple-smartphone and the app! Enter new fuelings right at the gas station. The app is available for free on the <a href="" target="blank">Google Play Store</a> and on the <a href=";uo=4" target="itunes_store">Apple App Store</a>.<br/>
L_HOME_SEARCH_INTRO Browse real MPG data
L_HOME_SEARCH_TITLE Does your mileage vary?
L_HOME_SHORTDESCRIPTION <h3></h3><ul><li>helps you to calculate and track your fuel economy and vehicle-related costs</li><li>contains real-world MPG data of thousands of users</li><li>reminds you of important events such as car services</li><li>provides a dynamic icon that always shows your current MPG</li></ul>To use these and even more functions register a user account for free.
L_HOME_STATS <h3>Database statistics:</h3>
L_HOME_STATS_FUELINGS fuel ups Tankbeurten
L_HOME_STATS_INFO_FUELTRANSPORTER <b>%value% trucks would be needed</b> to transport this amount of fuel. Om deze hoeveelheid brandstof te vervoeren zijn ongeveer <b>%value% tankwagens nodig</b>!
L_HOME_STATS_INFO_SUN All users together traveled <b>%value% times to the sun and back</b>. Alle gebruikers samen reisden <b>%value% keren naar de zon EN terug</b>!
L_HOME_STATS_QUANTITYSUM l of gas Liter Brandstof
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<h3>Database statistieken:</h3>

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<h3>Database statistieken:</h3>
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<h3>Database statistics:</h3>
<h3>Database statistieken:</h3>
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