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L_COST_ANALYSIS_DESCRIPTIONBOX The depreciation period is used to calculate the proportion of the purchase price for the selected period. The calculation is performed on a daily basis. To enter the purchase price of the vehicle add a cost entry of the type purchase price.
L_COST_ANALYSIS_PRINTHINT <h3>Hint:</h3>If you print this page by opening the print dialog of your web browser, an optimized version for printouts will be used.
L_COST_CSVIMPORT_HTML_TITLE Notes and cost entries CSV import
L_COST_CSVIMPORT_HTML_META_KEYWORDS import, notes, costs,, csv file
L_COST_CSVIMPORT_HTML_META_DESCRIPTION Import your notes and cost entries via CSV file into
L_NAVI_CSVIMPORT_COST Notes/costs CSV import
L_COST_CSVIMPORT_TITLE Notes and cost entries CSV import
L_CSVIMPORT_BASE_DESCRIPTION The CSV import function allows you to import existing data from other programs such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.
L_CSVIMPORT_MAPPING_DESCRIPTION To help you specifying what information is stored in which column the first three rows of your uploaded CSV file are displayed. Please make sure that every column type is mapped <b>only once</b>.
L_CSVIMPORT_VALIDATE_DESCRIPTION Invalid entries are marked red. Move the mouse cursor over the red cell to get further information.
L_CSVIMPORT_BASE_STEPS The import process consists of three steps:<ul><li><b>Specify CSV file and its properties</b></li><li>Map columns</li><li>Validate and import.</li></ul>
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