My vehicles
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L_GARAGE_HTML_TITLE My account A minha conta
L_GARAGE_HTML_META_KEYWORDS mpg, gas mileage, mileage calculator, fuel consumption, mileage, consumption, fuel consumption consumo médio, quilometragem, consumo de combustível, consumo
L_GARAGE_HTML_META_DESCRIPTION Use, the online gas mileage calculator and database, to determine the fuel consumption of your vehicle and compare it with others. Utilize o, a base de dados e calculador online de consumos, para determinar o consumo de combustível do seu veículo e compará-lo com outros.
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L_GARAGE_TITLE My vehicles Os meus veículos
L_GARAGE_NO_VEHICLE There is no car registered yet. Ainda não existe nenhum carro registado.
L_GARAGE_ADDVEHICLE Add vehicle Adicionar veículo
L_GARAGE_SUSPENDED Suspended vehicles Veículos suspensos
L_NAVI_REACTIVATEVEHICLE Reactivate vehicle Reativar veículo
This translation Translated Spritmonitor/Website Os meus veículos
The following string has different context, but the same source.
Translated Spritmonitor/Website Os meus veículos


My vehicles
Os meus veículos
2 years ago
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English Portuguese (Portugal)
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
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